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I was born and raised in rural Ireland. I moved to London with £60 in my pocket and naive hopes of working in the film industry but no such luck.
For years, I struggled to get by, working in pubs and on building sites but managed to put myself through college (TV Studies). After decades of hard work, good fortune and  raw talent, I rose up to hold several high-profile TV roles including Head of On-Air Promos for Sky, Creative Director for Sky Sports and an amazing two-year stint traveling the globe filming for National Geographic TV.
In 2006, I completed an MA in Screenwriting and later wrote and directed The Cleaner (see separate page) which won numerous top awards and official selections at Film Festivals worldwide.
In the past few years, I have been financially able to take a long work break to fully concentrate on developing projects and 'A Broken Soldier' is my first completed script with 'Roughnecks' to follow.

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