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The Cleaner

Stefan is an emigrant cleaner at a London hospital, who is asked to translate for a badly injured foreign man. But Stefan recognises the patient as a brutal warlord form his former war-torn homeland.


Festival du Film de Strasbourg (winner Best Director).

Euroshorts (winner Best Director).

The London Short Film Festival (winner Time Out London Award). 

Festival du Cinéma de Paris (winner Best Film). 

New York Short Film Festival (winner Best Screenplay).

Portobello Film Festival (winner Best Film).

41st Annual Worldfest(winner Platinum Remi Award). 

Canary Wharf Film Festival (winner Best Film).

Waterford International Film Festival (winner Best Film).

Wimbledon Film Festival (winner Audience Choice Award).

Festival de Cine Internacional de Barcelona (winner Best Art Direction). 

Golden LionFilm Festival (winner Best Actor).

The Short Film Festival of Los Angeles (winner Best Actor).


1st runner-up in Moving Pictures Magazine (LA) Worldwide Shorts Competition and released on DVD with the September issue of magazine.

Festivals with Official Selection:

Rhode Island International Film Festival.

Palm Springs International Film Festival.

LA Shortsfest.  

Canary Wharf Film Festival.  

Golden Lion Film Festival.  

Northern Lights Film Festival.

Waterford International Film Festival. 

BFI Beautiful South.


The London Short Film Festival.

European Independent Film Festival.

ShortShorts Asia Film Festival.

Newport Beach Film Festiva.

41st Annual Worldfest.

Delray Beach Film Festival.. 

Jackson Hole Film Festival.

Swansea Life Film Festival.

Festival du Cinéma de Paris.

Wimbledon Film Festival.

New York Short Film Festival.

Rome International Film festival.

New York Short Film Festival.

Portobello Film Festival.

Marbella International film Festival.

Shnit Open 08 International Film Festival.

Curtocircuito International Film Festival.

28th Atlantic Film Festival.

Festival de Cine Internacional de Barcelona.
British Film Festival Los Angeles.


Stefan Miskovich 

Yuri Stepanaov

Commander Stolski

Rad Lazar


Doctor Lucas 

Dan Robb

Doctor 2

Lawrence McGrandles Jnr


Nurse 1

Gemma Robinson

Nurse 2

June O’Donovan


Old woman

Mrs Choat


Soldier 1

Shaban Arafi

Soldier 2

Simon Rhodes



Brian Kearns

Teresa Kearns

Harry Willison

Charles Smith-Ruddick

Francis Thomas



Noel Kearns


Director of Photography

Charlie Grainger


Art Director

Rob Thomas


Camera Operators

Mathew Choat

Jack Sewel


Sound Recordist

Guy Willison


Audio Post Production

Stuart Newman



Yuri Stepanov



George Kyriacou


Production managers

Mathew Choat

Nadia Mathews


Production Assistant

Kevin Nathaniel


VT Editor

Noel Kearns



Helen Shearcroft



Will Wright


With thanks to:

Rebecca Horn

Colin Johnson

Joan Kearns

Laura Pye

Dan Merry

Chris Longman

(Dave Joseph)

(Ian Hughes)

Asquith & Horner

Buckinghamshire County Council

Film Medical

Space City Productions

Bruce Dunlop & Associates



Noel Kearns

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